Holistic Education 

Humans use various abilities to express ideas, thoughts and feelings, for example, musicians use melody, artists use color, speakers use rhetoric and dancers use motion.

为了寓教于乐,编者额外提供了各式各样的课堂教学材料,供老师、家长、同学们使用。这些材料包括 风趣的图片悦耳的音乐动听的朗诵感人的视频发人深省的故事
To bring humor and interest into the classroom, the editor offers a wide variety of classroom materials for teachers, parents and students. These materials include funny pictures, melodious music, touching videos, and thought-provoking stories.

If there are activities, fun, and challenges in the classroom, then the students will wake up in the morning, think about learning Chinese, and look forward to attending class.

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